Fight Club

Section 1: In the first section of the fight club 2 comic, we learn about Sebastian, who is a father and husband who works a mundane job and lives an otherwise meaningless life. He numbs his pain by a pill addiction, which is causing problems with his family. Sebastian’s wife, Marla, is very unhappy in their relationship and feels old and speaks to a support group of children about how she feels. Sebastian sneaks in and hears what she says and turns around and leaves once he gets mad. Sebastian goes to a bar, and we learn that he wishes he could clear his head and erase all his current ideologies and views. This is when we figure out that Sebastian is really Tyler Durden. The next day, he goes to the therapist and gets hypnotized and comes out completely as Tyler Durden. However, this is all a dream, and Sebastian is being followed around my Tyler Durden, who burns down Sebastian’s house. Sebastian’s son does not make it out of the burning house.

Section 2: In the second section, we learn that the house fire was arson, and that a large life insurance policy was taken out the week before for Sebastian’s son. Also, the body found in the fire was not Sebastian’s son, but rather a med student who has been murdered before then. Sebastian and Tyler Durden are the same thing, and all the meds that Sebastian was taking were to suppress his split personality. However, Sebastian’s wife started hiding or changing the pills so she could have an affair with Tyler/Sebastian’s other personality. When Marla admits this, Sebastian has her beat the shit out of him so that he can go join the fight club and wait on the porch. So he is basically joining his own organization that is controlled by his other personality. We also find out that Tyler killed both of Sebastian’s/his parent’s in fires when he was a kid because they were suppressing Tyler from being free.

Section 3: In this section, Sebastian goes to wait on the porch with the other men and begins to speak with them a little bit. There are many biblical references in this section. Tyler and Sebastian talk, and Tyler claims that the future he has in store for their son (Since they are the same person) is better than anything that Sebastian can give his son, because while all Sebastian can do is help his son get a degree and a job, Tyler can give his son a purpose or a cause to fight for. In this section, we also see operation lethal injection, which is when the group plants a free couch stuck full of poisonous needles on the curb. This results in the killing of an innocent homeless man. Durden also goes into the house to check on things and contacts one of his other students who he is paying to go to med school. Because his GPA is under 3.5, Durden sends someone to kill him and find a new student to make a deal with.

Section 4: In this section Tyler visits Marla again in her hotel room. Also, Marla looks around at various clubs throughout the city and finds the write club, which actually is the writers of the comic depicted in the actual graphic novel itself. Sebastian also goes to a fight club himself and tries to find someone to fight, but everybody thinks he is old and laughs when he challenges a young man to fight, except Sebastian wins the fight. Marla also calls Sebastian and says “The Boko Haram are shelling our position.” I imagine the meaning of this will become clear in the next section.

I liked reading the text better, even though the comic part of it made it easier to visualize what was going on. The comic narrated things in a different sequence and ended up leaving out a lot of details that the text described. My favorite part of the comic, however, was the airliner card that explained what happened in the last part of the story. It helped clear a lot of previously unclear parts up. This was explained in the text too, where the mischief committee was going to make mock airliner cards with people fighting over oxygen masks and put them into airplanes as to create chaos.


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