Fight club

In the fight club text, a narrator talks about tyler durben.  He begins by explaining a scene in which him in tyler are at the top of a building whilst tyler put a gun in his mouth.  The narrator explains the mechanics of the explosives that will soon blow up the building he is standing on.  He also explains the mechanics of the gun. The following chapter talks about how the narrator is told by tyler to print up all these plans and in a way, manifestos.  He also explains the process tyler has him go through to make the space monkeys and his plans to destroy the world in order to rebuild it.  Lastly he explains the absence of tyler and how the space monkeys are carrying out these plans and tasks in which he doesn’t understand the goal toward.  The text ends with the narrator being taken by a mechanic who is instructed by tyler.  They race calmly into on coming traffic and nearly kill themselves while ordering the narrator and the others in the car to blow out the candles and make a wish only to find out the candles cannot go out.

Issue 1- The issue starts by explaining sebastian.  A semingly normal man who has a problem with drugs.  It is his wedding anniversary and wherever he goes he is treated as another person named tyler and he denies that he is the man they think.  His wife goes to a meeting for an illness she has and ends up talking about how bad her marriage is.  Little did she know sebastian was sitting in the room listening to her.  Furthermore she is switching his meds in order to have his alter ego, tyler, come out so she can have sex with him.  Sebastian then goes to therapy thinking his wife is cheating on him and the doctor hypnotizes him.  He wakes up as his other personality, tyler, and proceeds to plan with his space monkeys and orders then to carry out various destructive tasks.  Tyler then makes his own house explode with his family in it. Sebastian awakes and manages to make it out with his wife but not his child.

Issue 2- This issue begins by summarizing the destruction that has occurred and the emotional damage it has cause on sebastian and marla.  It then goes into sebastians backstory of how his parents both died in fires and the existence of tyler in his youth.  Furthermore investigators come in explaining the dna of the body left in the fire does not match their sons therefore their son has been kidnapped.  Marla also reveals to sebastian about her “affair”.  Sebastian also realizes it is tyler that kidnapped his son and he must become him to find him.  Therefore he has marla hit him so he has “better credentials”.

Issue 3-  Sebastian endures through the initiation for space monkeys in sitting on the porch for three days.  Whenever he drifts off he has a debate with tyler, specifically on who is better for the son.  Tyler then takes over and orders a new “sacrifice” to go through medical school.

Issue 4- Marla goes on a search for her son.  She gets help from the other ill members from her help group and goes to all the spin off fight groups around the world in order to try and find her son.  Sebastian then gets deeper into the club in attempts to find his son and he goes to his first fight club in a while.  He does not do well.

Both forms of this story were alittle difficult to keep up with.  The text was alittle vague and the comic was difficult because it constantly switch perspectives and scenes.  The fact I had never seen or read fight club before this might factor in.  With the text I did enjoy the way it flowed and the thoughts continued off of each other.   It made it easier to read and follow along with, however I did find it limited my thinking and creativity.  I didn’t even realize that tyler was the same person as the narrator until reading the comic because I so was so focused on keeping up with the text I didn’t put it together.  The comic helped me to think deeply an form a broader perspective on the story.  The summaries after each issue also help alot with my understanding.


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