Blog Post #7

Carr’s use of Robert Frost quotes allow the work to be more relatable to the reader. Showing Frost’s personal experiences allows the reader to feel a more personal connection, even if they haven’t experienced the same things as Frost. He shows that Frost did indeed use technology but not to the excess that we use today. Frost used technology for labor, to better further himself and inform him of the world around him. He used it for labor and as Carr described it, “labor is more than a way of getting things done” (213). While we use technology today to get easy information and make life easier for us. Frost used it to further himself as poet and allowed him to get more in depth with his work. Using a well known poet allows for the reader to have a connection to a person they probably are familiar with. This also strengthens his argument to have a well respected writer, such as Frost, to share some of views on the argument of technology.

The conclusion of Carr’s book, The Glass House, showcases his central theme that has been present throughout the whole work. The even though technology can be beneficial, it also has negatives. Carr believes that this new age of technology has been taken to far and that the excess use of technology is not beneficial to society. With this ending Carr is making his last push to get the reader to see his point of view, using more persuasive methods. The tone he uses is one that is lighter than what we have seen throughout the book. I believe he ends this way to allow the reader to end the reading experience on a lighter note rather than one that I just a monotone statement about his views. I believe a strong conclusion must have this connection with the reader for it to be effective.


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