Liking is for Cowards/Data Handbook

In the piece Liking is for Cowards. Go for what hurts, by Jonathan Franzen, he starts off by describing the relationship he has with his old and how it has faded. However, he later goes into the main point of this writing that is “the transformation, courtesy of Facebook, of the verb “to like” from a state of mind to an action that you perform with your computer mouse”.  He talks about how technology, especially social media, is is ruing real love and relationships because everyone is always trying to be “likable”. Also how it isn’t until we start to feel pain, that we start having a life. How we have to put ourselves in real relationships with real people and real things, that we may love some of those things.        Then in the Data Journalism Handbook, by Steven Doig, one of the first things that he points out is that the data can only answer questions that is has answers to, so you should carefully choose what questions you need to answer before choosing a data set. Doig also talks about how to clean up messy data. lastly he points out that sometimes the data you’re using may have “undocumented features”.

Both of these articles I found interesting. In Liking is for Cowards,  I thought that it was neat that Franzen addressed a problem that I think a lot of people know is true but don’t want to admit it, that social media is actually a terrible thing. People only put the good things that happen in their life on social media. Franzen also points out that only good things isn’t real life. Real life also has pain and many other emotions. Then in the Data Journalism Handbook, I liked how Doig gave very specific examples for all the steps that he brought up.


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