Graph Data

For some reason it would not let me save my graph to or copy it in an way, or I simply could not figure it out. The data set I had chosen was wind data in San Francisco such as wind velocity, wind direction, ambient temperature, and global horizontal irradiance for a year and in 5 minute intervals. For the chart, I plotted the wind velocity comparatively to the 5 minute interval time and it was a giant mess. It was a dot plot and it made absolutely no sense and had so many dots on it there was no way in which to interpret the data. It seems as though if I were to do this differently I would include multiple line graphs comparing data such as the velocity at that certain time or the wind direction. It seems absolutely impossible to use one graph and add in all these different sets of data that hold no value when compared to the other and should be kept by themselves. To simplify the data I might take an average reading from all those 5 minute intervals in that certain day and average it out so I had much less data to plot and it would be a bit more straightforward of a graph or chart. If the 5 minute intervals are important to the interpreters, then potentially keeping it as it might be the most useful method.



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