My chart is supposed to display the total amount and the e-commerce amount spent on various items from 1999-2014. I am planning to write my paper about how e-commerce sales are growing each year as our society moves to be more digitally dependent. As a retail major, a lot that I learn is based around the increase in internet sales and what that means for brick and mortar stores. Many people turn to the internet to buy the things that the need or want. Grocery stores are now joining the digital world, allowing you to purchase your groceries off the internet and have them directly delivered to your home all at the press of a button. The data released from the Census Bureau is from 1999-2014. I wanted to use more current data but the 2014 data was released in March of this year. In my essay, I want to argue that e-commerce sales are rising and stores are having to offer a ditigital option to their customers in order to be competitive in the market.

The graph has too much information to fit on the graph and be easy to see. There are too many colors, and it is unclear the point I am trying to make. I may focus on one or two specific categories of sales in order to narrow down the scope of my essay and make the graph easier to understand. The main thing I wanted to do with my graph is compare the difference between each year’s total commerce with its e-commerce sales. I also want to compare the-commerce sales of each year to show that e-commerce has risen each year.


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  1. I think that your critique of your graph is very accurate. The point isn’t clear and there is too much information. On the bright side though, all those colors looks cool.


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