Blog Post #7

Blog Post #7


When Carr says, “There is a callousness to grandiose futurism” he means that the working people are being replaced new technology. He is saying that when employers “liberate workers” so they can use technology to do their work, they are really hiding their disrespect towards the working class and those who earn their living and support their family through labor. In this passage Carr says if technology would “fulfill humankind’s abiding ‘wish to be liberated from labor’…it would cast us deeper into an purgatory” (Carr, 228). I think this is important to realize what exactly Carr is saying about working and the labor force. If it is taken away from people all together, they won’t know what to do and it’s not like they are wishing to be “liberated” from working because it is the only way they can support their family.


This being the conclusion to his book, Carr has been able to connect the audience to his views and opinions on technology as well as opening the reader’s eyes to other outlooks regarding how we interact with technology and the future of it. I think Carr ends on a pretty light note; he even says, “the aim is joy” (Carr, 232). I think he ends the book in this way because it’s never good to reading a long book and just be disappointed by the author’s unenthusiastic tone. All conclusions should have a persuasion aspect that relates back to the main idea, and I think Carr does this while also maintaining the light tone.


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