1. This exercise includes the person visiting the website engaging heavily, but Galatea doesn’t engage with you. This is because the user is trying everything they can to have Galatea to turn around, but Galatea is paying almost attention at all to the user.
  2. This is different from a short story because you can make it as long as you want it to be. The story never has to end.
  3. I tried to make my character walk towards her, touch her hand or shoulder, or other things that might make her turn around to look at me. She never did.
  4. I never got past her facing her back towards me.
  5. >HELLO “Hello,” you say — and stop. What would you say next? ‘I’m a famous critic, be on your best behavior’? There’s no etiquette established; and then it strikes you as strange that you should bother to be concerned. Fortunately, the little awkwardness is lost on her. “Good of you not to walk away again,” she replies. >LOOK AROUND I only understood you as far as wanting to look. >LISTEN TO HER (Galatea) You fix your attention politely on Galatea. You become aware of her breathing — the slight expansion of her ribs, the soft exhalation — natural, and yet somehow studied. “Ah — by the way,” she says, in a way that utterly fails to be casual, “have you seen the artist out there? — My artist, that is.” “No, I don’t think so. What does your artist look like?” “Black hair,” she says, and stops… “Never mind. He’s not here. He wouldn’t have come.” >LOOK AT HER (Galatea) She is facing away from you. You cannot see her face, only her hair, and the line of her shoulder. It’s hard to know what she’s looking at — the velvet backdrop, if she has her eyes open, but there’s not much to see in that. Mostly, it is obvious, she is not looking at you. Her green dress widens out at the knee, falling over the pedestal on which she stands in a way that would probably be very awkward, if she wanted to move. >SMELL HER (Galatea) You would have expected something feminine — flowers probably, or some low predatory scent — but she smells like brine and the cold ocean. >TOUCH HER (Galatea) You put a hand on her shoulder: the skin is smooth and warm, though it lacks the velvety finish of a vintage Hazar. >HELLO You’ve already said your hellos. >HOW ARE YOU That’s not a verb I recognize. >A WHAT SHE IS LOOKING AT You can’t form your question into words. >ATTACK HER (Galatea) You don’t, of course. But the impulse takes you off guard. You’ve never had the urge to attack a piece, no matter how sarcastic, or petulant, or crude. You’ve seen other people lose it, yes — but you’re proof against that sort of thing. >

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