Blog Post #7

I think one of the main reasons that Carr decides to use Robert Frost in his argument is because he sees him as a credible writer that he respects. This brings ethos into his argument because Robert Frost is such a credible poet.  I like how he explains Frost’s life and then talks about how his poetry came from his hardships in life. He says that Frost’s work speaks the hard truth that sometimes people do not like to accept. For example, some of the characters in Frost’s poems are described as hard working and not taking the easy way out. Carr is comparing these characters in Frost’s poems to the people today that prefer to take the easy way out. Carr also explains how today people are losing respect for Frost’s poetry when they should be paying closer attention to what he was saying in his poems.

This goes hand in hand with all the other articles Carr has published about his opinions on technology. How Carr ends this piece is particularly insightful, I think. It is almost as if he is saying his last thoughts on the whole issue. When he tells that last story, which says, “Before he would take the picture he would compose the shot meticulously in his mind, attending to the scene’s light, color, framing and form…”.  When he talks about this I like how he is saying how even something as simple as taking a picture, has completely changed. His is completely right when he says people put so much more thought, detail, and patience into everything they did in comparison to today. We touch our phone screens which takes around 1 second, when in history it could take minutes to take just one picture. I admire Carr’s work and for me personally, it has allowed me to view our world and the rapid expansion and use of technology in a different way. The rhetorical strategies he uses, especially in the ending of this piece, I feel gets a hold of the reader’s attention and gives them something to think about, which is something Carr is good at.  


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