Blog Post 7

Throughout this chapter Carr argues that society needs to find a way to prevent technology from completely taking over. He discusses how technology should just enhance our perception of the world by being a part of us, allowing the people to still do the work. He uses the scythe example to show that the worker is still in control and can still take responsibility. However, technology is increasing so fast that it is making people the slaves instead of the other way around. When he says that “There is a callousness to grandiose futurism” I think he is trying to say that people are so drawn in to these enhancements in technology and what the future holds that they don’t really realize the negative impacts it has on their lives. He describes people’s feelings towards technology when he says, “The belief in technology as a benevolent, self-healing, autonomous force is seductive. It allows us to feel optimistic about the future.” He uses the quote from Peter Theil to show how people look at new technology through an optimistic viewpoint when in reality when they say technology is freeing up your time to do other things it means that technology is actually just stealing your job. He is trying to convince people to look at technology in a different way.

Carr uses Robert Frost’s poem to support his argument as well as giving him credibility. He uses this poem to also get to people’s emotions by using this poem written about a real life experience that people can relate to.  This poem shows that technology can seem like it is helping so much but what you do not notice is the beauty it is taking away from life. The scythe not only cuts the grass but it cuts down flowers as well as scaring off if not killing animals that live in it. The main takeaway from this poem is that people need to take control of technology and be aware of how damaging to society that it can and make an effort to stop it from taking over the world and turning it into a utopia that we won’t recognize.



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