Blog Post 7

Kathleen Mauck

Carr uses the life and quotes of Robert Frost in order to show the positive aspects of hard work. Frost spent years of his life working every day on his farm, and even though these were some of the hardest years of his life, he ended up writing some of his best works during this time. The monotonous nature of the work he had to do while farming was soothing, and helped his mind. Things become easier the more times your body repeats it. Rhetorically, Carr using Frost’s writings and life as examples enhances his argument. It gives the argument a more narrative tone, which makes it not as dull. Robert Frost is a highly respectable writer, so Carr using him in his work makes his work more respectable and credible as well. It also makes his argument stronger because it gives him examples and ideas and work off of when supporting his argument.

In this conclusion, Carr is trying to prove to the readers that he believes technology is beneficial to society, but that it should not be used as an alternative for other actions. For example, he believes in the monotonous nature of searching for the answer to a question, instead of quickly searching it and immediately getting the answer from the Internet. His tone in the conclusion of this argument is more forewarning instead of pessimistic like some of his other arguments. This writing by him also seems less educational, and more like a narrative. I think he wanted this argument to be less obvious to the reader and that is why he chooses to end the chapter this way. Conclusions should review the whole argument for the reader in order for it to be a good conclusion for the argument. I think this conclusion does that in an artistic but still straightforward manner.


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