The Love that Lays the Swale in Rows

Carr’s use of Robert Frost in his argument is very beneficial and moving.  The use and direct quotes from Robert Frost’s poems and other works really helped to see the point that Carr was trying to make in a much deeper way.  Especially the quote “the burden of labor eased the burden of life” by Frost and how Carr talked about how it related to Frost’s personal life really helped the paper rhetorically.  It helped pull on your emotions to read how that little quote described a huge period in Frost’s life.  It helped to make Carr’s argument more personal and relatable.  It also helped the ethos of the paper in my opinion.  He related Frost’s quotes and sayings so directly to his own life and the argument that he is making.  It gave the paper and argument more credit in my opinion.  The quoting of Robert Frost helps to make Carr’s argument more understandable and relatable in a much deeper and personal way than Carr could explain in his own words, so the use of Frost in Carr’s paper was extremely beneficial.

When Carr says “there is a callousness to grandiose futurism” he is saying that a lot of people are indifferent or don’t care about the increasing use of technology and everything that is being invented and created.  He is saying that people don’t care enough about the huge benefit and impact that technology can have on us, and not just in the obvious ways.  His line “whenever an instrument allows us to cultivate a new talent, the world becomes a different and more intriguing place, a setting of even greater opportunity” tells you exactly how he feels.  Carr believes that the use of technology opens so many more opportunities for people.  By the new skills it helps people to gain, it also helps to grow the world.  When more people have more skills, the whole world benefits.  He believes that people have a very boring and lacking opinion of the growing technology and that it is very under appreciated.  Carr believes that the benefits it has to offer our society are endless, if only people would just open their eyes and realize that.  The best line from Carr’s article to sum it up is “with every skill we master, the world reshapes itself to reveal greater possibilities.”


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