Hyper + Deep attention +Ch. 5

In N. Katherine Hayles Hyper and Deep Attention: The Generational Divide in Cognitive Modes she explains the differences between hyper and deep attention. Hayles states that each generation is becoming more and more dependent on medicine for ADD and ADHD because of the way you were raised.  Hayley argues that because of the amount of media that children are exposed to will have an affect on how they preform in a classroom setting.  She explains that children who are hyper active do not do as well in a classroom but are better at things like video games and multitasking.  On the other hand this type of student would not do as well in a classroom when working through longer problems that require more carful attention.  An experiment was conducted and Children from different time periods took MRI’s to see how their brains developed differently.  The brains were completely different.

This is not a huge surprise to me in the case that all of these technological advances we have experienced in the past twenty years have already changed so much in our lives.  The fact that the amount of TV a child watches or the amount of video games a child is allowed to watch will have an impact on their brain development is  a huge deal.  This is something that my generation and the following generations will seriously have to monitor with our own children.  Also in a society like we live in today with all of the rapidly advancing technology it won’t be an easy task to try and prevent future generations from using as much technology as they can get their hands on.

In chapter 5 of the Carolina Rhetoric it talks about how to form a proper argumentative essay.  The chapter beings by introducing the four different ways of writing an argumentative essay.  The four styles include The Ancient Roman style, Toulon Model, Rogerian Argument and General Modern format.  We typically use the General Modern format.  This section describes how to form a good essay beginning with a Topic and thesis, Having good support for your argument and having a good conclusion.  Each style of writing gives the writer a different way to go about giving your argument.


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