Hyper and Deep Attention & Ch. 5

The first reading, by N. Katherine Hayles, is about hyper and deep attention. According to Hayles, deep attention is concentrating on a singular item for long periods of time, and having a high tolerance to focus for a long time. Hyper attention is switching randomly between tasks and wanting a high level of stimulation with low tolerance with boredom. Hayles also explains how both have advantages and disadvantages. Students are tending to shift to hyper attention. A possible reason for this is the increase of media use in everyday life. It is shown that students are now multitasking when doing their homework. Completing their work while watching TV or browsing the internet. Something that can arise from this hyper attention is ADD and ADHD. It makes the people feel like normal stimulation is just boredom and they have trouble focusing, and avoid tasks that take a lot of work. Hayles says it is now common to be known as the ADHD generation, students take ritalin and other drugs before tests and quizzes. The fact that the media changes people attention has to do with neurons and stimulation in the brain.

In chapter 5 of the Carolina Rhetoric the section we read started talking about writing an argumentative essay. It gives you the general format which is: Introduction, main points, counter argument, and conclusion. It helps you work through composing an introduction, and how to support your thoughts and thesis with sources. This section gives you different strategies of development like: analysis, argumentation, cause and effect, classification, comparison and contrast, definition, description, exemplification, and narration. It also gives you helpful transition phrases and way to work a transition into your paper.


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