Chapter 5 and “Hyper and Deep”

The assigned section from chapter 5 in the Carolina Rhetoric starts out by describing 3 models for writing and argumentative essay. There is the Toulmin Model, Rogerian Model, and General Modern Format. All 3 have similar steps with distinct differences thrown in. Then the CR goes on to describe how a wonderful introduction is composed and includes an essay written by a student on how she writes an introduction written by Natalie Group. The chapter goes on to give an essay written by Judith Johnson on how to get over writers block. Judith says that sometimes if you just have to write what comes to mind and not critique yourself at first. Next, chapter 5 goes on to talk about the importance of supporting your ideas with sources is never a bad idea and how answering counter arguements to your position in your essay is also a good idea. Chapter 5 also give lots of information about how to transition from paragraph to paragraph, writing conclusions, and even incorporating photos into your essay.                                                                                            Hyper and Deep: The Generational Divide in Cognitive Models, is a wonderful essay about how Generation M and older people think in different ways, Generation M having hyper attention and older people have deep attention. The author, N. Katherine Hayles, goes on to describe hyper attention as “switching focus rapidly among different tasks” and deep attention as “concentrating on a single object for long periods”. She also says that hyper attention is developed first and has helped keep people alive and alert. While deep attention is a developed luxury that developed countries have. Hayles give annecdotale evidence of other teachers and professors telling her that they can’t get their students to read large books so now they must give them short stories. Later she goes into ADD and ADHD and how they could be related Generation M’s hyper attention. Hayles does however state that having hyper attention can be a good thing for some people, such as air traffic controllers. in a later part of the essay, she talks about how the University of Southern California is doing research about youngsters and hyper attention. In closing, Hayles gives a conclusion that has a lot of big words and is quite confusing.

Overall, I found the reading from Ch. 5 of the Carolina Rhetoric to very helpful. I found a lot of information that explained what I have been taught for the last couple years. I underlined many things from it and will definitely go back and read what I underlined when I’m writing my next essay. I found the essay Hyper and Deep to be very interesting; however there were quite a few times when I was reading when the language that the author used went right over my head. All in all it was informative but I would not recommend it to a friend.


One response to “Chapter 5 and “Hyper and Deep”

  1. I definitely agree with your opinion of chapter 5 in the carolina rhetoric. It was extremely helpful in instructing how to develop argument and I found it very interesting how it went into the psychology of a paper near the end. Like how the reader will perceive different things you do when writing a paper. For example placing the important information in the top left and bottom right corners of the page because when people skim a paper it instinct to skim in a zigzag.


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