Blog Post (10-26-16)

In the assigned readings, we can see that at the very least there are some disparities between the way that one generation of people process and gather information and the way that another generation does the same and that there are multiple formulas to follow to writing an essay. Chapter 5 in the Carolina Rhetoric goes into great detail and breaks down every specific type of argumentative essays and how to support each of them sufficiently. In the Hayles article, two types of information gathering are introduced. These can roughly be described in the readings as hyper attention and deep attention. Hyper attention can be described as having to rapidly change the direction of your attention multiple times over to complete a task. On the contrary, deep attention (as it’s name suggests), requires extended and intentional focus on one particular source. While there is certainly nothing wrong with either of these styles of processing information, they have a few stark differences. In what was perhaps the most interesting part of the readings, the author beautifully described the differences between the learning styles. The author mentions a girl deeply absorbed into a lengthy novel, and her sibling playing a video game. The girl reading is clearly practicing deep attention by allowing herself to be immersed in the book and be almost oblivious to what is going on around her. While her sibling on the other hand is constantly having different stimuli enter and exit their attention span multiple times over. While both of these styles of gathering information are both useful I feel as though the utilization and mastery of the two styles would yield the best results.


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