This data is useful for my paper because it shows the possible correlation between poverty and crime.  This supports the argument that not having access to healthy food can exasperate the problem that a lack of nutrients can influence a person’s likelihood to engage in criminal activity.  I chose to depict the information in Venn diagram form because it clearly shows how many cities fit in both categories; this helps to support my argument that there may be an important relation between the two.  Venn diagrams are also just very simple and easy to interpret.  Although there is no proof that the two concepts are related, it is interesting to a least point out the possible correlation and discuss the ramifications of such a relation.



One response to “ILA 9

  1. I really love this visualization! I completely agree with you on the fact that venn diagrams are very simple and easy to interpret. I immediately got the point that you were trying to convey and it was easy for me to understand. My eyes automatically went to the center of this venn diagram. This is a GREAT way to express that poverty and crime go hand in hand. Awesome job!


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