Free Web Article

1.The author gives credibility to the article by referencing an professor from Columbia Law School, Mr. Tim Wu.

2. The medium challenges the message because it is published on the internet. There isn’t but one ad on this page, but it is for the Mr.Wu’s book.

3.I liked the last paragraph, titled, “On what can happen when Internet companies know intimate details about individuals.” I hadn’t really thought about it but I agree that when everything is so normalized because users have been analyzed so closely, that we seem to loose our individuality and are afraid to express ourselves due to this.

4.For the most part I hate reading on the internet due to how many ads there are. It’s very distracting. Also I don’t like how we are being tracked, almost. When I’m browsing merchandise sites, that my recently viewed items will show up on other sites trying to advertise that product at a better price. I feel that I’m always being watched.

Advertisements are lowering our productivity as well as shortening our attention spans because we are constantly being bombarded by ads. We will be reading or watching something and an ad will pop up taking our attention away form our task. We are all use to free web but maybe this isn’t what we need.

5.This is a secondary source, this was originally aired on Fresh Air by NPR.


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