The author constantly refers back to the author Tim Wu and his work, The Attention Merchants to further prove his point and give his article credibility. He especially highlights how Wu is a professor at Columbia Law School. The medium of the article made it very challenging to get to the point. The entire article is about how ads and pop-ups distract people from understanding the message of things they find on the internet while the article itself is on the internet and features ads and clickbait. Overall the medium is very contradicting to the message, the small advertisements on the sides conpletely take attention away. The one section of the article where the author responds to how Wu was inspired to write his book really struck a cord with me. He explains how Wu went to find one item on the internet and then hours later found himself on a completely different subject. I can completely relate to this phenomenon that Wu describes as the “casino effect” because it happens to me daily. It is something that happens to almost

Overall, I believe the article is impactful and speaks the truth. Clickbait and ads are things that have taken over the free web that people access everyday. In the article the author brings up “casino effect” which is a true theory and affects me constantly. He described it as “an effort of the environment to make you lose control of your sense of time and your attention kind of gets dragged away.” I will go online to find something as simple as directions and then realize that hours have passed and I am now on a site looking up how much it would cost to buy an otter. I waste a ridiculous amount of time because of ads and pop-ups. These advertisements distract from the main readings we try to find online and in the end cause us to waste even more time re-reading the original article because our focus was not 100% on it.


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