The author of this piece gives creditability to the article by talking about Tim Wu, a Columbia Law school professor who wrote a book about advertisement on the Internet. This piece is talking about how the Internet has become infected with advertisement wherever we look. This is challenged by the fact that this article is on the Internet and if you look at the sides of the page there are advertisements on it too. The section that interested me the most is where he speaks about the compromises that we make in order for things to be free. I see this a lot with music apps such as Pandora and Spotify where we can listen to music for free but after every 6 songs we have to listen to add about upgrading to premium to get ad-free listening. The author mentions just sucking it up and paying for the service, but when you are stubborn like me and don’t want to pay id rather have the ads playing.

I agree with the author that the Internet has becomes a place full of ads. No matter where you look the ads are there and unless you pay for a service to get rid of them, there is no way for you to get rid of them. Ads are worse when you are trying to read a long article and they pop up randomly in the middle of the page. You lose not only your place in the reading, but also you train of thought. This has happened countless times to me, and when the article is something I wasn’t interested to begin with, I lose the overall energy to go back and try to find where I was on the page.


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