Click-bait and ads

  1. The author brings credibility to this paper because of his position as a professor at Columbia Law, his previous papers, and his overall work and professional dedication to internet usage. Tim Wu is by all means a leading authority on internet usage.
  2. This article wished to deliver a message about ads being intrusive and far to great in number and subtlety which is terribly ironic as the article is surrounded on all sides by ads and click-bait.
  3. The most interesting part of the article was the history and former strong arm stance by Google against ads that crumbles under capitalist greed, every year, more and more. It caught my interest cause Google powers my phone, powers my web browser, and is such an integral part of our lives that its failures are truly important to note.
  4. I think this is a interesting piece by NPR, but its all slightly hypocritical as the article itself was trying to sell me things including Tim’s book. Ads affect what websites I use, how I use them, and how my searches end up going, usually for the worst. Click-bait is ruining internet use for me because of its personal intrusion and it’s often indistinguishable relation to real material.

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