Ads Suck

The author give’s credibility to the subject by using quotes from Tim Wu, who is a law professor at Columbia Law School, so his name alone carries some credibility. Its sort of funny, the article is about how ads are an ever increasing problem on the internet; However, there are advertisements right next to this article on the page.  My favorite part of this article is the part titled “On the price of “free” Internet content”.  Its my favorite part because I found it to apply to my life.  I fucking hate advertisements so much. I hate them so much that I bought a subscription to Hulu so I could watch South Park without a ton of commercials. I really liked this article because again, I found it very true and relevant to my life. It is applicable that there are even a couple South Park episodes about how the internet and ads know what to advertise to us. Also how its hard to tell what is and what isn’t sponsored content.  This would be a secondary source, because it uses quotes and other information to analyse the advertisements on the internet.  It talks about a subject instead of being a subject, also making it a secondary source.


One response to “Ads Suck

  1. I can agree, I also hate ads, but unfortunately I’m too big of a cheap ass to pay the extra $4 for the ad free hulu.


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