Ads Stink

The author, Tim Wu, gives himself credibility by mentioning his personal accolades regarding the subject matter. Wu stated that he’s a Columbia University law professor whose work in the field of internet advocacy has been used to coin the term, “net neutrality”. The medium of the article (a website who offers free content in exchange for the viewers attention) can seemingly be corrupted by the very ads Wu condemns. Unfortunately for the advertisors, I have an ad blocker set up on my browser to prevent all the pointless ads on the side of the page. Without an ad blocker I would presumably be forced to look at advertisements on the sidebar of an article that talks about how ads are ruining the internet. The section of the article that interested me most was when Wu began to talk about the dangers of having internet advertising agencies know so much about the seemingly anonymous users. As time goes on and tech evolves, internet advertisers will be able to send more and more targeted ads to people, being able to prey upon the weaknesses of internet users. The analogy Wu used about the gambler being exposed to gambling in a casino is a very real possibility with people who have shopping addictions, gaming addictions, food addictions and a whole host of others. I agree with Wu 100% regarding the prevalence of internet advertising. Without oversight, the internet advertising companies will have full access to an individual’s most private information for the sole purpose of taking advantage of their personal weaknesses. The internet advertising conundrum is very closely connected to the overall issue with internet privacy, an issue that has been at the forefront of the national debate stage. Since I downloaded the ad blocker on my computer my overall internet experience has improved exponentially, I am now able to read articles undistracted, watch videos without having to wait 30 seconds. Advertisements muddy the water of the internet, they cause visual disruptions that can be incredibly annoying for the overall viewing experience. This is a website source


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