Ads and Clickbait

Tim Wu a professor at Columbia, gives credibility to the articles subject by bringing up real life situations about various different websites and comparing it to physical print advertisements. Wu brings up an interesting point about the physical bounds of a newspaper, and the fact that you know exactly where the ads are from the start as opposed to online where they are increasingly popping up all over, and pertaining to your individual interests. The medium of this article challenges it message because it is online. The text is in between ads both on the left and right margins as well as popups basically in the text itself. The part of this text that interested me the most was the individualism of ads. I find it both highly fascinating and creepy that they can record what you search and operate on your computer, and can pertain the advertisements to your specific likes and interests. I also thought the concept of the internet advertisements not having any barriers because that is one of the dangers we face becoming a primarily online operating world. My response to this article is that i think it is not fair to consumers to have to constantly deal with concentration traps due to individualized advertisements. It is making it increasingly harder to stay on track when coming from a college students point of view and causes me to get distracted constantly. I feel as if there should be a way to turn all ads off altogether but that is the price of “free” internet connection as stated in the article. This is a secondary source because it is a mix of primary and secondary sources.


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