Evaluating Data Sets

Source: Office of Post Secondary Education of the U.S Department of Education

Who made/Published it?: The department of Campus Safety and Security (CSS)

How was it collected?: The crime data was collected directly from each of the individual institutions.

How old is it? Why is it old?: The crime data collected by the CSS data base is submitted annually by each individual educational institution. Each institution of higher education that receives title IV funding is required to submit crime statistics every year because of the Campus Crime Statistics Act and the Higher Education Opportunity Act, so therefor the data is not old.

What’s the format?: The data is organized in different chart with several columns and rows.

What’s the type?: The data is numerical, reporting the number of each kind of crime that happened under the year that it happened.

How would you transform the data to make it useful?: In order to make this data useful, I would need to find data for several schools that are representative and supportive of the argument I am making. I could possibly organize the data into a graph and make comparisons between the crime data from two or more schools.


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