CDC Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is an epidemic that has been a frontal concern for our nation in recent memory. The data presented by the CDC accurately plots the rising body mass index (BMI) in school age children. YouTube and the display of junk food ads increases the exposure of these products and creates demand for these products. Children do not know the dangers as much as an adult who is aware of the dangers of some foods. The data was gathered in 2011-2012 which is as recent and accurate as possible coming from a government organization. Trustworthiness should not be an issue as governmental agencies in the US are reliable sources of information.

Most Subscribed Food YouTube Channels

Created at the end of 2015, this user created list has the 10 most subscribed YouTube food related channels. Not only does this have subscriber count, it also has views per video which indicates how many viewers come back for the content. The data is important as it clearly illustrates the trends and large audiences that Youtube gains in a clear and concise manner. One lacking thing however is credibility. While the data is easy to obtain from the channels themselves, you must always be wary of independent blog sources in the paper. With the ease of data access however, the credibility can easily be confirmed or denied.

Advertising To Children

This website is formatted with direct quotation and information on advertising directed at children. The amount of raw data and information is invaluable to numerous topic areas possible. The sources are all in text cited which allows for easy proofreading. Some of the sources are a bit dated for research standards on my topic, but are not needed to be current for the science behind it remains true. The author to me is reliable as the sources are for the most part primary and one can draw information from them directly rather than a tertiary/secondary source such as this.



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