This data set lists the average number of clients lobbying on the food industry. The clients on this list are some of the biggest food corporations in the world. This information is very important for my argument because it shows how much influence big companies have on the food industry and how the government makes decisions on food. This data is credible because it was created by the Center for Responsive Politics, whose purpose is to list information so people can make informed political choices. This website has no bias, because it is all about reporting facts and not skewing information.

This data set shows how much money is spent by agribusiness on lobbying to political parties. This data set is useful because it shows how much money big food corporations have been paying to get involved in politics since 1998. This data set is reliable because it also was created by the Center for Responsive Politics. The data is broken up by different parts of agribusiness so it is easy to tell how much is being paid to influence what industry. Food Processing/Sales is the section that will be most useful for my paper.

This data set measures food environment factors–such as store/restaurant proximity, food prices, food and nutrition assistance programs, and community characteristics–interact to influence food choices and diet quality. The objectives of this data set is to assemble statistics on food environment indicators to stimulate research on the determinants of food choices and diet quality, and to provide a spatial overview of a community’s ability to access healthy food and its success in doing so. This will be useful for my paper cause it will provide evidence as to why Americans eat a certain way and what factors influence our diet. With this data it will become easier to create policy to help better the Standard American Diet. Once we figure out how our food environment works, we will be more informed to make better decisions.


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