I had trouble finding articles pertaining to my argument. This website has the average BMI of the average American women and models in each decade from the past century. This pertains to my project on how eating disorders can be caused by social factors, such as the ‘ideal image’ that is pressed upon women by society. It shows the trend of not only the models becoming smaller but also the average women becoming bigger. I realize that this website is a .com which could possibly mean it is not as trustworthy as others, but I believe it to be credible because it gives examples of models from each decade with that same BMI (or even smaller) to support the statistics it gives.

This website pertains to my argument of eating disorders because it helps give the reader a reason to care. This website gives the morality rate of eating disorders altogether, but is also broken down by what percentage died from anorexia, bulimia, and other unspecified eating disorders. I am planning on making a pie chart showing the overall morality percentage along with the number of how many people that would mean pass away from eating disorders. This website is run by a nonprofit organization and is giving the statistic based off of a study conducted by ‘Crow and Colleagues’ which is why I find this source credible.

This website pertains to my project because under ‘Dieting and The Drive for Thinness’ it gives multiple statistics and facts on how early the thought of being skinny can arrive in a girls mind. I wish to turn this data into an infographic that is eye catching and will shock the reader. I find this data to be trustworthy not only because it comes from a nonprofit organization, but also because the statistics are sighted showing where they found that information. Some of the statistics on this website date back to the 90s, but I would probably not choose to use them in the infographic because they are outdated. This would be useful to my project because it would help to show that eating disorders could be caused by social factors that can be onset at a shockingly early age.


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