The data presented in this database is over the past 16 years (2000-2016) so the data is current. Though some data is 16 years old, it is only showing the amount of crops being planted so the data will not deteriorate in significance. I believe this data is trust worthy because it came directly from the Department of Agriculture. This data can be used to show how much of each type of modified corn/soybean/cotton is planted by state and by year.

Although this data is similar to the last data set, it is different because it goes more in depth and that the data is only the past two years (2015-2016). The data is also for not only corn, cotton, and bean, it has categories such as Grains and Hay and Oilseed which contain corn and cottonseed respectively. This data comes from Cornell University website so I feel that it is trust worthy. This data has 30 pages of data that show area planted and harvested and also the percent planted by state.

In this data set, about halfway down the page, it shows who wants labels put on GM food. It breaks it down into what kind of people answered. For example, it says if they are a college grad or what political party they are affiliated with. This survey was conducted in July of 2014 so this information is current. Unlike the first two data sets the scientific value of this data will deteriorate over time. I can also use this data to show what types of people are on my side of the GMO argument.


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