Slaughter statistics from 1950-2016

This website includes a data set that shows the number of slaughters of different animals from the 1950’s to this year. From the data set, it is evident that the number of animals that are being consumed every year has only been increasing since the 1950’s. Although a direct reason for this cannot be created, it is evident that humans are consuming more meat every year which is leading to a greater number of animals being murdered. This data source is reliable because it comes from a website with the domain ‘.org’ and also the original source of this data is USDA which is a national, governmental organization that is in charge of agriculture in the country.

Factory Farm nation

This data set has to be on my top picks for data on this argumentative essay. This document provides multiple data sets in regards to vegetarianism, factory farming. The data from this document divides the factory farming industry per state and per animal and shows a variety of statistics such as why and how these numbers have changed over the course of time. This source is credible because the author(s) have cited over 270 other sources that include governmental, and international organization regarding this issue.





One response to “ILA 7

  1. I think that it’s really cool how long of a time period your first source covers. It shows how much has changed over a large period of time, while still being current by going up to 2016. Just because it is a .org, doesn’t mean it’s credible though. Anyone can purchase .com, .org, or .net to use, so that can be misleading. I also like how many topics the second source covers. The information and data can be used in a variety of ways.


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