This website gives a lot of information on why the FDA has never even looked at some of the ingredients and additives in foods. There is a loophole that allows companies to proclaim their additives are generally recognized as safe and that allows them to not have to go through the FDA to approve their product. It also provides a very informative video that can help me create a graph or info graphic. The article is reliable because it comes from an investigative news organization. It was written in 2015 so it is mostly up to date.

Although obesity is not my topic, the increase in consuming fast food products goes along with the dangers or eating food additives. Fast food products are full of unhealthy food additives. The graph on this website shows that from the early 1900s until 2009, the percent of total food spending has gone from less than 10% to 50%. This graph only shows until 2009, but since then it is likely that the percent is even higher now. The website’s author is an obesity researcher, neurobiologist, and author. Other than the article being a little outdated, it is otherwise reliable.

This website provides another video on the dangers of food additives and the flawed FDA approval process. While in the 1950s there were only 800 known additives, now there are over 10,000 additives and most of them are unknown to the FDA. The website also provides information on the process of getting additives approved and the loophole of GRAs. The information is given by Dr. Mercola, which is why I felt that this website was a reliable source. It was also written in 2015 which means most of the information is mostly up to date.


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