Ila 7

Madi Scott

This website has multiple info graphics, graphs, and stats that show the negative effects of factory farming in regards to economics, ethnical issues, and logistics. The website seems to be in booklet setup. It is extremely well put together. All the sources that are used are also sited at the end of the booklet making it very creditable. It’s also a 2016 report. This shows the information can’t be more recent adding to creditability.

This website can be classified as a scholarly article. It was published in 2007, which is a little dated but the information still proves to be relevant. It mentions that this article has won awards for being a recipient of society of professional journalist award for excellence and American bar association silver gavel award. The information itself includes milk production trends, how much manure animals produce, and the rise in hog farms. This information is very useful especially in regards to the amount of manure animal’s produce, which I can tie into the section in my paper about to environment.

Faunalytics has a data set that shows the demographics of factory farming. The data shows how much knowledge people have on the issue based on their gender, age, level of formal education, ethnicity, geographic region, and whether or not people have companion animals in the household. The study is from May 2016 showing the information is not dated and is still relevant. The site looks well put together. The data relates to my project because it shows the importance of protecting the animals and how knowledgeable people are about it.


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