The first data set that I find extremely useful for my research paper is on page 42 of Ruxton’s article titled The Role of Red Meat in a Balanced Diet.  This data set gives the nutrient compositions of four key lean meats.  This will be useful to my research because it helps me prove the point that meat is indeed good for your body.  Not only does it focus on one type of meat, but it focuses on beef, pork, lamb, and veal.  The study was done by the Food Standards Agency which is a government agency focusing on food safety.  In addition, this study was done in 2002 so it is fairly relevant to the current time.  I believe that this will be a major part of helping me prove my argument on why meat is essential for our bodies.

The second data set that I found was a graph on the website  This graph showed that growing cattle inventories are pushing cattle and hog prices lower.  This means that since more and more people are choosing not to eat meat and not to buy from farmers, they are having to drop their prices when they sell to bigger businesses.  Due to the fact that they have to drop their prices, farmers are not making as much money.  If this continues, many farmers could lose the farms that they have been working on their whole lives.  I find this graph to be very trustworthy because it is given by the USDA, which is a government source and it is from the beginning of 2016, so it is very relevant.

The last data set that I have chosen is a graph on page 4 of Anderson’s article titled Affective Beliefs Influence the Experience of Eating Meat.  This article is all about different studies being done in which they give respondents the option to choose if they enjoyed the humanely raised beef better, or factory farmed beef better.  The graph I chose portrays study 1.  In this study, all of the beef that the respondents try is the same, but they are told that one is factory farmed and one is humanely raised.  Obviously, they said the humanely raised one tasted better even though they were the same.  This could help me prove the point that although we should eat meat, we should eat humanely raised meat.  I believe that anti-meat eaters would be more inclined to consume meat products if they were raised correctly and not inhumanely.  These studies were done by professors that study the cognitive brain so I believe that the study is very trustworthy, and the study was done in August of 2016 so it is very relevant to my current argument.


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