South Park – Skank Hunt

In season 20, episode 2 of South Park, titled “Skank Hunt,” there is an internet troll that goes by “skankhunt42” that has been terrorizing people on their social media accounts by making crude jokes and editting the images they post. Skankhunt42 trolls a girl and her mother online, the girl being Heidi, who then throws her phone off a bridge into the river and quits Twitter. However, the show makes it look like the girl commits suicide when all she is doing is simply quitting social media. This causes the girls at South Park Elementary to issue an ultimatum to  the boys, as everybody thinks a student is “skankhunt42.” The boys all think its Eric Cartman, known for pulling crude jokes in the past and being racist and anti-semitic. In order to solve this issue, the boys lead Cartman into the woods and destroy all his electronics, however, this is staged to look like they are actually killing Cartman, similar to Heidi Turner’s suicide. The next day, the trolling doesn’t end which causes all the girls to break up with their boyfriends at South Park Elementary.

The most interesting part about South Park as a whole is how crude and crass it can be when it comes to certain jokes, but every joke has a small grain of truth behind it. I’m a huge fan of the show, and I’ve seen every episode, and it just amazes me how well written it is, considering all the jokes and parallels to real life that are hidden in the show. An example of this is comparing quitting social media to death. Social media now plays such a huge role in our life, and many would struggle to survive without it.


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