The bar graph shown displays an upward trend in Herbicide-Tolerant Only Soybeans in certain states and the United States as a whole. The changes between the year 2000 and 2016 are staggering in comparison with each other, however within itself, the trend generally stays the same across the board. The use of GMOs within each state without a doubt exponentially increased, however, what is interesting is that the data increase in the United States compared to the data increase with each individual state levels out to about the same–thus showing that not all states had a drastic increase in GMOs. The question that looms in the air is that although the GMOs from each state level out across the board, how much more will GMOs increase within the next 16 years? At the rate that the bar graph shows, the United States could eventually have ONLY GMO food, which could essentially cause a huge controversy. Genetically Engineered Soybean Variety By State and US Comparison of 2000 and 2016 .png


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