Facts and Figures

This particular pamphlet is really a good source for my research paper. The reason for that is because it is reliable source, it is a .org website/ pdf. It is also written in 2016, so that represents it’s currency. This collected statistic is a resource for U.S data for Alzheimer disease. The information on here is truthfully provided, because of the credibility given to everyone. This particular website has so many useful data that I can use for my paper. The reason it is such a good source because it provides how many are getting affected by Alzheimer. Also, talks about the caregivers, and others who suffer through this disease.

Projected Increase

This particular website is from library database. It is credible source because it is from library database, and also it is from .edu website. This source is trustworthy. It is credible, and up to date. The reason why this source will be good to use is that it gives me predicted future value for the raise in Alzheimer disease. It also talks about some of the facts about the current data too. This source will help me raise the awareness that something needs to be done for this growing disease. Even by starting from something little like eating healthy.

Risk by age & sex

This particular website provides information about how age and sex plays in role for getting alzheimer disease. The source is not too old but its not two recent either. However, it does provide significant evidence on different percentages. It is an trustworthy source, because it is from library database. This particular source will help me to also provide evidence on how Alzheimer affects male and female differently, also on how age plays in role.



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