South Park Analysis


South Park is a show in which real life matters and issues are taken and twisted to fit into the fictional community known as South Park. In episode 2 of season 20 of South Park, there were multiple references to current matters that are present in our society, one of the matters that was brought up, was the feeling of nostalgia that is currently running rampant in many parts of society. This feeling of nostalgia has been brought about by the current republican presidential candidate and his slogan: “Make America Great Again”. This feeling of nostalgia is represented in the episode by what are known as “Member Berries”. Member Berries are present throughout the episode and often spout out things about the “good old days”. Member Berries represent people in the real world who look at the past with rose colored glasses, as if everything about the past was great, when this is simply not true. These “good old days” for some, represent when they had certain rights and privileges over others, that were racist and sexist and quite frankly, cannot be repeated.


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