South Park

4\][0=Last class we watched an episode of South Park that was centered around the idea of online trolling while also addressing several other societal contagions. The adults of South Park were alarmed when alerted of the troll and a girl whose mother was trolled online committed social suicide by quitting twitter. The community becomes distraught when it learns of the little girls social suicide and the boys believe Cartman is to blame. Little do they know, the troll is actually Cartman’s friend Kyle’s father. The girls believe the boys are behind this trolling and plan to take action to make them stop. The boys take action themselves, tricking Cartman into the woods and destroying his electronics. They realize too late that the troll is not Cartman as the next day all of the girls break up with their boyfriends through notes.

Of all the societal problems this episode hit, the one that stuck with me the most is how people considered someone dead if they did not have electronics. Like when Suzy through her phone into the river, the entire community reacted as though a student had killed herself due to the trolling. Yet, at the little ceremony they had for her she was sitting right in the middle of the room. Last year I shattered my phone and was without a phone for about four days. In no way shape or form was I in the least bit dead or relatively considered dead. I felt disconnected sure, but I could still communicate with my friends obviously through talking to them. The assumption that someone losing their electronics means that they would no longer be recognized by their community is a ridiculous.


One response to “South Park

  1. I agree with you on how ludicrous it was for the community to just agree on the fact that she was dead because she was no longer on social media. I would like to see the next episode to see how Cartman handles being ‘dead’ after all the boys smashed his electronics; thinking that he was the online troll.


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