South Park 1

Recently, in class we watched a relatively new episode of South Park that tackled social dependence on media, trolls, and going against the grain. When Mr. Broflowski begins trolling the school, it is treated like a major crime. His victim winds up throwing her phone into the river and quitting Twitter, which stands in for suicide. Without social media, she is treated like she is no longer alive. Her classmates cry for her, and go to group therapy about her, but not a single soul even talks to her for the rest the episode. When the boys suspect Cartman, they begin to plan his “murder” and talk like killing him is their only option. Turns out they get him to the woods to smash his stuff–ending the trolling that has caused so much suffering.  When his stuff is broken, Cartman fades out of photos and sulks like he will never be relevant again. “Suicide” is taken in measure as “quitting social media” and Scott threatens it to Mr. Mackey saying “I bet no one would notice if I did it.” Then at the end their is a vein of gender dispute as the girls all break up with their boy friends to get back at the troll.

The most intriguing thing in the episode was the relaxed under theme of anti semitism. Perhaps it’s a bit of a reach but it’s fact that Mr. Broflowski is the most standout Jewish man in the show, and is the troll. He is trolling everyone and is hated despite no one knowing who he is. He takes on everyone and gets attention on the news, and in the ends challenges the Sweedish team. Maybe Sweden is used for political reason due to it being a neutral player in WWII, or maybe it’s completely random. Either way Gerald is taking some toll on the public with his trolling for what ever purpose. Perhaps it will never be known why.


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