ILA#3 Making a Simple Chart

I chose to make a simple bar graph because I feel that it was the easiest to read/ make. I decided to use separate colors to differ between the different genders and from the “yes'” and “no’s.”I feel that the different colors make it easier to read as well. I was initially going to compare the age ranges, but I felt that seeing the total was more interesting, rather than looking at the different age ranges.  I decided to compare how many people use Twitter versus Facebook, because I wanted to see which was used more and by who. That’s when I decided to add both genders as well. I surprised to see that boys and girls use Facebook more than Twitter. Personally, I thought that people would use Twitter more. I was even more surprised when I found that boys looked at Facebook more than girls. This chart argues that Facebook is more used than Twitter. What I find interesting, is that the use of Twitter is way lower than the use of Facebook. Since they’re both forms of social media one would think that they would be used equally or close to the same amount. This chart also argues that boys use social media just as much as girls, and in certain cases even more.



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