ILA #3

I chose a bar graph because it appeared to be the easiest visually to comprehend. The colors I chose were to make it a bit more feminine because it was comparing the responses from two different age groups of girls. I decided to compare girls between the ages of 13-14 and 15-17 that responded both yes and no to the survey about their cell phone use, and how much accessibility and control that their parents had over it. I chose this data because I found it to be intriguing and surprising how open the majority of girls are with giving their parents their phone passwords. I also found it interesting that taking the internet/cell phones away as a form of punishment was not as high as I would have predicted. I can make the argument that more girls ages 15-17 have cell phones (both non-smart and smart phones) then girls ages 13-14. It can also be said that girls ages 15-17 are most likely going to get their phones taken away as a form of punishment. More girls ages 13-14 have smart phones than girls ages 15-17 which I found strange since typically as you get older you get nicer phones.


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