I chose to use a bar graph for this chart because it most clearly compared quantity of computer by gender. It isn’t a graph comparing ownership over time, so I decided not to use the line graph. I am comparing the types of computers owned by gender, like laptops versus desktop per gender. I am doing this because I feel like this could give a good representative of which gender spends more time in front of computers and how much of a factor technology is in today’s youth. The data I am comparing show that the majority of kids these days have some form of computer, which shows how important technology is and how accessible it is. This chart also shows that computer device ownership is relatively even across genders, however, more girls own laptops than boys. I can’t really create an argument through this chart, but it does bring about the subject of possibly researching the increase or decrease in computer ownership over the past ten years among youth under the age of eighteen. It could also bring up the research topic of which type of computer is increasing in ownership the quickest.


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