Boys vs Girls

teenWhile comparing my data I believed it to be easiest to use a bar graph because it was very clear to see the differences. I choose to compare the boys (yes total) to the girls (yes total). I thought it was interesting to see the differences between boys to girls because sometimes the numbers are relatively different and sometimes they are very close. For example, the number of parents who thought their daughters used twitter was 182 even though only 114 said they did. While the number of parents who thought their sons were using twitter was a little more accurate with 130, while 115 were actually utilizing the app. So while the comparison of girls to boys actually using twitters was very close, the parents estimate created a larger gap between the boys and girls. One thing I could research about and maybe argue is that parents are more likely to know what their sons social habits are more than their daughters. However, that could be refuted or supported with many factors. Such as boys are more open with their parents ect.


One response to “Boys vs Girls

  1. Very interesting the difference between the parents’ assumptions and the actual amount using those social media sites. It shows how parents may assume too much at times.


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