This graph stood out because of the use of two different types of graph, the line graph and bar graph. They’re trying to convey that retail value is much higher than farm value. I dislike that it doesn’t seem to be very clear what the information is that they’re trying to get across. I’d change the fact that this is all on one graph. I’d change that they used two different kinds of graph. I’d change the scales they used for money.


This graph stood out because it is of the United States. They seem to be trying to convey the amount of food insecurity by state, and the fact that certain states are higher or lower than others in certain areas of the country. I like the style of graph but I don’t like that they used such similar colors. I’d use different colors, I’d make it more clear what food insecurity is, and I’d compare it to other countries.

picture1-pnggI am mapping the data for farm shares of select dairy products in the United States. I chose to use this data because it has to do with food. I decided the clustered bar graph would be best because of the data I am using and because I had three different types of dairy products.


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