Parker Gustafson

Ms. Thompson

ENGL 102 E24

21 September 2016

ILA 4: Research Topic Overview

Most people would not consider the subject of the brain and its contrivances a necessary subject to investigate for the general public, or more accurately the professional and gifted few who can afford the long hours that reach for dawn only because their sanity permits it. The brain itself remains puzzling and flummoxing to both credited and cretin alike, though to no fault of the former but as a testament to the evolution of the organ, for without it, we as a species would not be in our present state. The purpose of the research project is not to speculate on the complexities that lie in a man’s most prized organ but to convey to a ready audience how to grow and nurture it, to expound methods of cognitive and physical discipline for maximizing mental power, and advocate why these are important. In the end, it is my hope that the reader is not only enthralled with this paper but the concept, understands the importance of these practices and information, and will take the necessary steps to make sure that wherever, whenever that reader is, they will always be in top mental shape.


Mental fitness is tied to several biological and emotional factors, such as sleep, diet, physical exercise, stress, and overall well-being. Everywhere today, both online and offline, Americans see the signs and information on how these factors are being neglected and shoved aside for more immediate issues in their lives, but they fail to grasp the importance of this information. Nobody wants to put themselves in a position where they are the worst possible version of themselves, understandably so.  Everyone aspires to be the best, and to be told that this is seen as an insult or a meaningless sales pitch for which the speaker intends to sell a proverbial bottle of snake oil. This speaker’s intent is, however, rarely nefarious and more often than not with the purpose of improving the wellbeing of the group starting with those who comprise the whole. The listener is aware of the issues that plague today’s world and by all means should do the best they can to rectify them and leave the world better than how they found it. Americans are seeing less and less shut-eye than they have ever experienced and obesity rates soar beyond reason (NIDDKD and NSF). The body of America is suffering under the weight of a changing world, and it shows in its people. The health of the brain is intrinsically tied to the health of the body, the amount of sleep it gets, and many more factors. Only by fixing these problems en masse can we improve as a people, and by extension our minds. What is good for the body is good for the brain, and by establishing these rules by which we can improve our minds, we can simultaneously improve our wellbeing and work to become the smartest and healthiest generation yet.




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