Blog Post Six

In Dewey’s article she elaborates more on a personal experience. She talks about how she ends up falling in love with a guy named Will, that she gets to know via web. In Ritchel’s article he describes Mr. Campbell’s obsession and how it effects his everyday life. Overall I feel that both articles argue that technology is taking away human interaction.  In Dewey’s article she explained how great the relationship was but when they finally met in person things fell apart. Towards the end states that she willed herself to not cry. I think that’s when she realized how much technology played a part in their relationship. When it was their “real life situation” she talked about how they struggled to think of things to talk about, how he was on phone majority of the time, and how he wasn’t engaged. From the tone of the passage one can tell that she enjoyed it more when it was long distance. I think she liked it better that way, because they weren’t forced to be with each other face to face and interacting. In this article Dewey states, “I could say whatever I wanted and risk awkwardness, because at the end of the conversation, one clicks of the mouse would shut him out of my room.” However, she couldn’t do that in person, which made things more awkward. Also towards the end of the article she said, “I felt more comfortable in my room.” I feel that anyone can agree to that. One can be themselves in their own comfort of their home. So I feel that being in his home restrained her from being herself. I feel the Ritchel’s entire article backs up the argument that technology is taking away human interaction. Throughout the whole article Ritchel writes how Mr. Campbell’s obsession of technology takes away from his actual life.  Three of the sections elaborate on how he couldn’t enjoy vacation, focus on his children, or focus on his job. Under the “No Vacations” subtitle Mrs. Campbell mourned, “We didn’t go out to dinner. We just sat there on our devices.” That clearly shows that technology is taking away their engagement on their marriage and the vacation itself. “Mr. Campbell cannot resist the tweet about the corpse.” This quote shows that even in an important situation (10 minutes until a business conference) Mr. Campbell couldn’t fully attend to preparing for the conference because of one tweet.  I felt that I could relate to this, because when I should be focusing on my homework or assignments I get easily distracted by app such as Twitter. Another section that Ritchel covers is multitasking, which according to him I’m not good at. But I could’ve told anyone that from the beginning. I can’t switch from task to task just like most people. Overall, these two arguments persuaded me to believe that technology is interrupting our everyday lives of communicating with one another.



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