Blog Post #6

In the article Hooked on Technology, and Paying a Price by Matt Richtel, the argument is people are losing the ability to focus on one task. They claim they can work better multitasking but the sad truth is they really don’t, they attempt to sit down and do something not related to technology but their addicted. Somethings tells them to look at their phone, or computer, etc. and by doing this it draws their attention from what they’re attempt to do. Although they don’t see a problem with it because they are mistaken by the fact they think they can multitask. This article relates to the other Even in Real life, there were Screen Between Us by Caitlin Dewey, where she tells a story first hand of having an online boyfriend and finally meeting him in person. Where the whole time they were together he was obsessed with his technology, thinking he could multitask being wrapped up in his technology and still interact with Caitlin. The two articles used different opposite examples but they still held the point; with Richtel he used the example of a teenager being taken away from schoolwork balancing a romance. While with Dewey it was the opposite her romance was taken away from while Will was trying to balance work. At the end of the day both couldn’t multitask giving both sides adequate attention, both caused by technology and people being so addicted to it.

In the article Hooked on technology, and paying a price by Matt Richtel, he puts his input on the ongoing argument of multitasking and how technology is a huge player in the art of multitasking. People in today’s society physically cannot complete a task without looking at some form of technology, it is impossible for them. Something in the back of their mind tells them to break their focus on whatever they are doing and look at a phone, computer, tv, etc. anything that will entertain them. A point in the article I can relate to is in the section Always On, when Richtel uses the example of a teenager saying “In high school, he balanced computers, basketball and a romance….”. High school for me was a big balancing act of work, friends, and school came after everything, I managed but I did the bare minimum to manage. I truly believe I’m a decent multitasker, also I know that I’m like everyone else in the technological craze. I can sit and talk, do homework, anything with not once picking up my phone. I am not one of the 3% of super taskers, but I personally think I’m up there.  


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