Virtual Romance

The two articles by Richtel and Dewey focus on how technology has affected the way we form relationships in this generation. Richtel focuses on a man and his family and how his preoccupation with technology has effected his time management and his children’s habits. Since the man works with computers, he is often surrounded by a high level job that involves technology in every part, hence why he has now become dependent upon it and can “no longer be fully in the moment”, says his wife. This is also creating a trickle down effect for his children who have adapted his habits and are slowly becoming indoctrinated by multi tasking with technology. In the Dewey article, she tells of her own personal experience with online dating. She tells the story of how she met a man and built a relationship virtually, but when it came time to meet in person, the expectations were not all what she had hoped for. When the virtual walls are broken she says she “felt more comfortable in my room, with my things, and with his presence confined to a laptop screen.” Both of these pieces stress the positive and negative effects technology has on social interaction and the development of relationships.
I found Deweys article to be compelling in terms of the use of storytelling to give an argument to the daunting problems with online dating, but I did not see her stance as very credible. When she mentions that “I’ve read that 90 percent of human communication is nonverbal.” she never states where this information comes from to support the claim, thus making it discardable. Although in general, the thought of this being true does add to her argument that this is a prevalent issue, but not enough to persuade me as this is a fact. I think her use of pathos to evoke a common experience through her story is the driving element of her argument.


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