Technology Making Communication and Multi-tasking Easier?

For Dewey’s article, she talks about technology being very deceiving as she believes that she “viscerally felt that Will was sitting a foot away on [her] bed” (Dewey 519). She knows that he actually is not there in real life and that he lives about three states away, but technology closes that communication gap because she says that “90 percent of human communication is nonverbal” (519). She is trying argue that technology closing the communication gap is what makes it so easy and popular with computer programs such as Skype. For Richtel’s article, he talks about how addicting technology can be. He “can be unaware of his own habits” (Richtel 486). Those habits usually consist of him switching back and forth between e-mails and social media such as Twitter as his wife complains that he cannot seem to put the devices down. They both talk about how easy technology can make things such as closing the communication gap and making information more readily available, and they both talk about how technology can be addicting as Dewey has stated that she fell asleep one time on Skype while talking to Will without realizing it. Honestly we all check our e-mails and scroll through our Facebook or Twitter feeds when we have nothing to do or when we get distracted. I know that once I start picking up my phone when I am trying to do work, I will get distracted for a good amount of time because I find it is hard to multi-task efficiently. I interpret the quote from Dewey as a way to make things easier. A good amount of human communication has to do with things such as body language and tone of voice. Phone calls can only establish the tone of voice while messages seem robotic and indirect. Skype is a video chat program that can capture facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice and makes communication from all around the world easier. . It is almost like the person on the other side of the screen is actually there. Going back to Dewey’s article, she states that “[she] thought [Will] looked and sounded as he had in person” (Dewey 519). I can relate to this because I have fallen asleep on Skype a couple times and do agree that technology can make communication easier. I agree with Dewey’s article but I am not fully persuaded to believe that way. Even if the information is true, she has not cited her sources, so we do not know if it is credible.


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