I am generally not too concerned about the idea of GMOs. This data is useful for both a pro-GMO and con-GMO argument. At first it seemed like GMOs (at least in respect to corn) were decreasing pretty dramatically in recent years and only made up a very small portion of our total corn planted (this past year, insect-resistant corn accounted for only 3% of the total).  This seemed to confirm my feelings that GMOs aren’t really as bad as many try to make the public believe. There is one specific type of GMO that has drastically increased; this is the stacked gene varieties. This I do find unsettling because it accounts for the majority or all the corn crops. I think that there should be research into this to see if it is really necessary/useful.


One response to “ILA 6

  1. I think it’s interesting, as you mentioned, that you could take the data from your graph and come out with multiple arguments. If you just looked at insect resistant corn, it is decreasing by quite a bit, while other varieties are increasing. So omission of data taken from your graph could present a lot of different arguments.


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